Top 10 Kavkazi Foods In The World!! (Most Popular)

rosted lamb and rice

Jewish culture (mountain culture) is known for its traditional culinary and cuisines. 

Before getting into top kavkazi food, first, we understand kosher food.

What is kosher food?

Many laws are made for foods in modern scenarios, which vary from country to country. Every country has some specific rules and regulations for food that come under food law.

Kosher food has been approved for consumption by Jewish dietary law (kashrush). A set of rules and regulations defines kosher food.

  •  Kosher meat is slaughtered in a particular manner to qualify for the category of kosher food.
  • Only Certain mammals, a few birds, and specious locus are considered kosher meats. 
  • Dairy products can not be cooked with kosher meats.

Here is the top list of the most famous kavkazi foods globally. These foods come from every end of the Caucasus region.

Kavkazi Fried Kurze (Meat-Filled Dumplings) 

These meat dumplings are among the most popular cuisines in the kavkazi kitchen. Special filling and taste are made from lamb and goat meats. These meat dumplings taste juicy and crunchy.

Chanakhi (Georgian Lamb Stew)

It’s a traditional cuisine from Georgia and is made with lamb meat or mutton. Different seasonal vegetables and traditional spices made it famous cuisine among food lovers. Apart from this is also highly nutritious as it contains an amount of protein, so it’s the best option for health-conscious people.


Lamb and Rice Stuffed Grape Leaves 

That is another famous cuisine from the kavkazi kitchen. The specialty of this dish is its variation in taste, which is due to its use of different ingredients. For example, rice and grape leaves combined with meat taste different and unique.

Khachapuri (Georgian Cheese Bread)

This cheese bread special recipe, is another popular dish from Georgia. This recipe is stuffed with cheese and egg and tastes excellent. It’s a part of every brunch, lunch, dinner, and special guest of festivals.

Armenian Gomgush

Baked in a traditional clay oven and with ingredients like tomato, eggs, and fresh vegetables is the main element of this cuisine. Armenian gomgush is rich in calories and contains several nutritional components, making it a great taste fit and health fit cuisine.



Khash is a traditional beef soup, primarily eaten in winter. It is a national dish of Armenia and is popular among people. This classic dish has many therapeutic properties, and it cures health problems. 



Tolma dish is the pride of Armenia, and It’s stuffed with a variety of vegetables. This dish serves at every annual function in Armenia and is part of every home. The dish is mainly made with rice and cabbage, traditionally served on fresh leaves.



Khinkali is a national dish of Georgia. Khinkali is made in many methods, and its rich taste is in mushrooms, fish, and vegetables.


Shkmeruli (Garlic Chicken)

The specialty of the dish is garlic’s particular flavor. It is made with the traditional method and tastes crispy and delicious. Don’t forget to try this classic dish if you ever visit Georgia.  



Lobio is a dish that tastes different in flavors. That is served in clay pots, mainly made of beans, green leaves, and some vegetables. That is an excellent soup with some unique taste which you can try out.

We all know how diverse the culture of foods and kavkazi food the tradition of mountain Jewish is famous worldwide. So, we have listed some of the most polar kavkazi dishes you must try. The availability and authenticity of the cuisines are a big issue for people, but if you are looking for traditional kavkazi dishes, visit our restaurant or online website.